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About the Story

VERDACOMB is an original graphic novel written and illustrated by Dan Berry. Since August 2009, Dan has been deeply invested in the development of characters and story lines set within the Verdacomb System, a futuristic dystopian society enslaved not only by virtual and augmented distractions, but also institutionalized war.

Thanks to mega virtual reality generator OMNI, everyone is connected. Boredom, loneliness, and the fear of missing out are things of the past. Every moment is filled with exciting adventures as users jump between infinite digital environments, ranging from exotic planets to hyper-dimensional psychedelic worlds free of time and space. Incredible escapes and heists are now shareable experiences - memories more cherished than those created in the real world. You could go so far as to say reality is a thing of the past.

It seems like the ideal life... until you learn the truth.

Each year the Four Nations gather for the Harvest Game - an electromagnetic death match held in an ancient stone arena - to decide who wins the surplus of their collective harvest. Volunteers, usually farmers or desperate exiles, fight using organic battle mechs called Orb Suits to capture the white, monolithic pillar in their Nation's corner. Instead of protesting the never-ending glorification of death, the citizens of Verdacomb attend festivals outside of the game arena - distracted by music and drugs during their annual vacation from the virtual worlds at home.

During a pay-per-minute live broadcast, Berdini witnesses first hand how the game is rigged and decides that he has seen enough! With the help of his friends Denuva and Napeen, he sets into motion a plan to expose the corruption and wake up their society to the nefarious schemes at play in their world. Yet before Denuva can join the plan to blow the whistle, he must overcome his addiction to technology in order to pursue the truth behind his own mysterious past. 

Will they succeed, or will the people of Verdacomb continue to revel in their virtual slumber?